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Palm Trees and Faded Sky

Media & Marketing Services

I help athletes, businesses, influencers, and really cool people document and showcase their sickest tricks and offers. With these services you can expect high-quality video in both long-form (YouTube or commercial) and short-form (TikTok, IG Reels, and Shorts) formats. Allow me to be your boots-on-the-ground cameraman who films viral content for your online brand!

My goal is to help talented people make a living online doing what they love.

Asher Cummins

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I have spent so much of my life giving up dream after dream for the "logical" option... 

Even as a kid I was an adrenaline junky, chasing after the next thing that would scare the hell out of me. Anything that would get my heart rate up. From tricking, to surfing, snowboarding, weight training, and cliff jumping -- and my ultimate favorite, STUNTING. 

I started riding when I was young. I remember seeing a Christmas picture from my older cousin when I was like 7 years old. He sent a picture of himself doing a wheelie on a Honda Blackhawk (if I remember correctly), and from that picture alone... I was hooked. 


I spent years wadding myself up on the concrete and asphalt, traveling 2-6 hours so I could ride and learn from other stunters, and beating up my body for the love of the sport. 

Then you know how it goes...  I got hurt too many times, I ran out of money, life got in the way. Mind you, I'm in my 30's now, so I'm considered to be one of the "old guys" on the scene. Back in my day, we didn't have the whole vlogging, YouTube, social media thing. We were too busy picking our top 10 on MySpace. When it came to stunting for money, you had to be sponsored and there wasn't really much a "scene" to work with. 






Bikes & Biz

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Gas Money

To everyone out here who is supporting the channel, thank you all from the bottom of my heart, it is my dream to be able to put out content for you all to enjoy.  


  • Behind-the-scenes content

  • Early access



Crashes ​cost! I am happy to wad myself up for your viewing pleasure. If you'd like to pitch in for repairs I won't stop ya!

  • Behind-the-scenes content

  • Early access

  • One on One chat


Job Takeover

Bro... let's be friends. Your investment means I get to wheelie full-time!

  • Behind-the-scenes content

  • Early access

  • One on One chat

  • Invite’s to special live events, private rides, etc.


Livin' The Dream

​The ULTIMATE livin' the dream experience! 

  • Behind-the-scenes content

  • Early access

  • One on One chat

  • Invite’s to special live events, private rides, you know… “The bro hangs”

Marketing & Branding Services

These are for you if you're looking for some extra hands-on help building your online brand!

Below you will find website design, marketing, and branding services by Asher and Anna!


Get the
Living The Dream Online Business Blueprint

Start and scale your online business in 6-weeks! This is the step-by-step framework that Anna and I used for Asher Action Sports and have used with our business coaching clients across all different industries. No sponsorships, you don't need tons of followers, you don't even have to go viral. All you need is a platform, an offer, and an online presence, and we teach you how to build it all in the Living the Dream Online Business Blueprint. This is online business school wrapped up in a 100 page PDF course. If you apply this framework, I can guarantee that you will walk away with a fully-functioning online business ready to turn a profit. 
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